When skiers cross the finish line, the first thing they look is the monitor with the results. Are they going to be happy or disappointed? Definitely happy when they finished with great result and when they achieve that with the higher start number … one priceless moment.

Yesterday’s men Super-G was a big surprise when Brice Roger from France came in third place with bib number 47. This was his second podium in the career. When everybody is already celebrating winners or posting articles before the end of the race and then someone with higher start number leaves the whole crowd speechless with an amazing performance.

But of course, this is not the first case like this. Yesterday’s event gave me the motivation to search for some more amazing historical moments in alpine skiing.

Let’s go back to 2008. It was February the second. St. Moritz, Switzerland. 16 – years old Swiss Lara Gut at her first World cup downhill race. Not only she had number 32, she also fell on the finishing pitch and she was sliding on her back through the finish line and came in second place. In the end, she was third. On the same day happened another big moment. The best Slovenian alpine skier Tina Maze won her first downhill with bib number 47.

Here are you can see an incredible performance by Tina Maze.

Another Swiss skier, who become an overall winner in 2010. But two years before Carlo Janka made a World Cup breakthrough, on 29th of November. He came out of the 65th starting position to finish with a second place in the downhill at Lake Louise, Canada.

Carlo Janka

Last, but not least … two absolute winners from the year 1993 and both with bib number 66. Slovenian Katja Koren in Super-G in Flachau, Austria and Liechtenstein Markus Foser in Val Gardena, Italy.

Markus Foser

Nice memories! There are many more unforgettable performances like this. Unforgettable moments, which made a mark in history.

What is your favourite moment?


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